Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our next due date was April 4th 2005.  We had just moved to Northwest Arkansas, and I was very interested this time about how my baby was delivered--no episiotomies or suction cups.  As natural as possible, except for the epidural.  I wanted one of those.  I asked around and chose Dr. Todd Hannah.  He was a great doctor.  He was informative and believed in doing things as natural as possible.  So he didn't mind when I asked him on April 4th if we could wait. So we waited and waited, my parents came up and we waited some more.  We waited and waited and waited and waited and FINALLY, on Sunday April 10th I started having some really light contractions.  We waited for several hours and then after lunch I decided that I should go to the hospital.  I got there and they put me in my room, and my nurse, gave me something in my IV that made me drunk.  I don't remember much except that she was probably the best nurse ever! I was still worried about my epidural because of some things I had heard and read (ignorance is bliss, knowledge is scary).  The anesthesiologist actually stayed in the room while the epidural took effect.  It was wonderful.  Then the delivery was wonderful again--2 pushes and Anne-Claire was here. Just 14 hours after my first contraction and all was as natural as I wanted it.  No cutting, tearing, etc. to overcome.  A wonderful and peaceful delivery for a very beautiful 8 lb. 6oz princess.  
She's still such a sweet and dainty little person.


  1. Awwww!! Love this story. And Dr. Hannah IS a great doctor. He brought Matthew into the world 2 years ago today!

  2. Anne-Claire is wonderful. If she'd been told it was a rule to show up on the due date, that darling would have been there!!!

  3. Sweet Anne-Claire!! Precious. :)