Monday, March 21, 2011

Last but not least!

    My final due date was January 15th.  Let me start this one by saying that I took the pregnancy test for this baby right after Riggs 5th birthday party.  An exciting day, right?  I kind of had a few ideas that I might be pregnant before hand, but I was in denial for a few weeks because I still had an 11 month old.  I had weaned her a little earlier than she wanted to be because I could not get my energy back and I thought weaning her would help.  Well, since I ended up being pregnant, I pretty much just got my energy back about a month ago.  That was absolutely the hardest pregnancy I ever had.  Baby was always okay.  Mom, not so much.  I was just too tired.  I remember that all of my maternity clothes for that season were U-G-L-Y, but I was just too tired to care and too tired to go shopping. I did care about who my doctor was though.  We used Dr. Hannah again.  I was certain that the nurses at his hospital were much better than those at the other hospital.  I was right.
  I made it to January and I had Braxton-Hicks the entire month.  The week before my due date, Dr. Hannah, seeing that I was miserable, asked if I wanted to induce.  I told him I'd wait a few more days.  January 15th came and went and still no baby.  Having had all the excitement I could handle with #3, I felt slightly in control this time, so we scheduled the induction for January 19th.  We got to the hospital in the afternoon sometime, went up to the labor and delivery floor and there was this sweet nurse with an English accent.  She had been a midwife back in England.  I really liked her.  She told me what was going to happen, and she started my pitocin drip.  The contractions finally came pretty hard.  At one point baby's heartbeat kind of "flip-flopped" a little, which scared me because I had never experienced that before.  The nurse monitored it and felt comfortable enough to have the doctor break my water and then have my epidural.  I think they got it backwards.  The doc came in to break my water and Im pretty sure he used a Crocodile Dundee sort of knife.  I used my liberty to scream at that point.  Then when they called for the nurse-anethisist (sp?) I used it again.  I'm pretty sure I was the first person this girl had ever given an epidural to.  You know this when she comes in and starts to tell you to do things like sit with your legs criss-cross on the bed.  What?! This is not prenatal yoga and I haven't done that in months.  Not to mention,this baby is coming out and that very position wants to nullify any and all progress.  I did the best I could and as she was putting the needle in my back, I just screamed.  I screamed loud enough for Ben to hear me outside the room.  I ended up getting what they called an epidural, but it felt nothing like the ones I had with my first two.  Anyhow, when the doctor came in to check on me, Ben said that he wanted to be the one to catch the baby, it being our last and all.  At first the doctor thought he was joking.  It wasn't until he came back in to tell me to get ready for the pushing part that he realized Ben was serious.  He told Ben to suit up.  We got in the delivery position with Ben in the doctor's position and Dr. Hannah right behind him.  Ben did everything.  When Dez's head crowned, Ben guided it out of the birth canal and two pushes later he was holding our sweet baby boy #2

William Dezell Evans III, AKA "Dez" was born just 8 hours after they started the pitocin drip and weighed in at 8lbs 10oz.  Ben is sure that everything was perfect with that delivery--I would have preferred a little less drama, but thats what makes them all Unforgettable.


  1. I love it! BTW-Dr Hannah realized I was serious because I was already suited up, and to all you mothers out there who may have another little one, do your husband a favor and let him catch. If he has bad hands, do what I did, coat them in pine tar.

  2. Ben, Your Dad caught Joe & DID NOT drop him or anything! He also got to bathe him. Wouldn't trade that moment for anything. Wonderful story Ashley. BTW I remember when, 'cause we were there, you left Church early, not feeling real good. When we got back to your house, you'd done the pregnancy test & boy were you blue. Maybe that's why it was a boy!!! I know you were happy though, realllll deeeeeep inside. Whether you were happy with the pregnancy or not, I know you are happy with the outcome. DEZ is wondermous!!! Love you guys...