Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sick days are healthy...really.

I haven't posted a blog in a while.  Not on purpose, it just hasn't happened.  Grandma was here this weekend and since she even has launched herself into the blogosphere:, she pointed out that I haven't published lately.  This is for you Grandma!
    Riggs has had fever since Saturday. The doctor says it's just a virus.  Poor guy.  He's so pitiful sometimes, but sometimes I have to say, "Please act sick son or I'm sending you to school tomorrow."

It has actually been good for me to be stuck in the house.  You may think I'm crazy, but it makes me take a break from the normal pick up/ clean up/ straighten up  routine and do something else like:
 Christmas Ornaments,

and napkin holders

and give our orange pumpkins an updated look

make a skirt or two

and just plain ole make a mess!

 Don't get discouraged next time your kiddos are sick...Make something!


  1. Love the skirt (and the sassy girl wearing it!). :) Hope Riggs is feeling better!

  2. You are so very busy...and have such precious busy children! I'm loving my card holder and all the precious pictures...Merry Christmas Sweetheart!

  3. Love the blog - so maybe we can follow each others blog!? ;)

  4. I love the picture. I hope you can help Cassondra with her sewing. They are doing really well. Little girl is sweet. Give them all a kiss from GiGi. Love you all. Grandma.