Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashback Friday!

I know you are wondering why I haven't been blogging. Well, I've been writing a lesson for our church's women's retreat and that has taken all of the creative juice I can squeeze out of my brain.  I have to squeeze a little harder though because Monday, April 11 is Anne-Claire's 6th birthday! WOW! She's such a blessing.  
Here are some pics of the last 6 years.  
  What a sweet little smile.  And yes, that's a bow.  I faithfully glued or double-stick taped it to her head. 
 This is AC as a one year old.  So dainty and delicate-looking, but she could rough and tumble it up with big brother.  Oh, and that bow? She was faithfully pulling them out by this point.
    This is AC at two.  Right after she potty-trained Riggs, she read him a book.  She is very smart, and I don't know what I would do without her.  

At three, she was painting masterpieces on cardboard in the backyard.  Look at those curly pigtails!
Somewhere between three and four she turned into a little girl.  What a pretty little girl she is!  She's watching Riggs graduate kindergarten--we all worked hard to make that happen.  
This is Anne-Claire at five.  She does love ice cream, so it's fitting that she has an ice cream dress.  In fact, she loves sugar.  She told me that sometimes when she's putting the dishes up she eats sugar out of the sugar bowl.  She also sometimes gets candy without asking.  These are her flaws, and I understand them. 
Monday she will be six.  We will have strawberry cake and a strawberry Shortcake theme.  That's what she loves, and I love every minute with my sweet girl!        


  1. She is a precious child. Children grow up, that's what they do...So love them, hold them, squeeze them while you can! Can't wait for the "Cousin Birthday Party!" Love you guys!

  2. I've always said, such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl. She is a treasure. But I love all your picture of your beautiful children.